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Personal Safety Tips

It is a dangerous world out there and the only ones that are sure to protect us are ourselves.  When we take personal responsibility for our own safety and security, we can better assess situations, make wise decisions and more.  One item that many consider doing is purchasing a gun.  Now, when purchasing a gun, you will want to make sure that you are fully educated on how it works, what you need to protect others and how to transport it.  Some will even purchase a ccw jacket in order to have the gun with them at all times. 

For those that don’t advocate for guns, here are some suggestions that you can use to help protect yourself and your family.  First of all be alert.  The most common time we will find ourselves in trouble is when we aren’t paying attention.  When we don’t pay attention, we leave ourselves open to the actions of others.  Keep your eyes open, be alert and prevent dangerous situations before they happen.

Learn self-defense techniques

Learn to use your body before you rely on a gun.  Too often than not these days people rely more on guns to save them when in fact they just get you deeper into a situation.  This is why it is important to learn about your body, your abilities and your skills.  When we look at our bodies and learn fighting techniques such as punching, kicking and running we are putting ourselves into a better situation since most people will expect us to not be prepared.

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Yell, scream and react in a crazy manner.  The way to knock people off of their game is to act totally crazy and insane.  If you are expected to follow directions and become pray to someone else, then do the opposite.  Start yelling, rolling around on the floor and act as if you are having a seizure.  When you act like this you are putting yourself into a physical position to do something that they are not expecting you to do. 

Protecting yourself is a vital piece to survival.  Don’t rely on guns and violence.  Use your head and your abilities to gain the upper hand and then strike.