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Tips For Adding Style To Your Bedroom

Our bedrooms are our sanctuary.  It is where we go when we want to relax, sleep or just be alone.  For many people the bedroom is where we want to spend most of our time.  For this reason, we want to take our time and really design a bedroom that we will be happy to go in and stay.

Room color

The first thing you should focus on is the room color.  The room should be warm and inviting.  The main purpose of the bedroom is to sleep and calming colors that make us feel safe and secure will also send a signal to our brains to this effect.  When choosing a color focus on natural colors such as blue, brow, reds.  You don’t want bright flashing colors in your bedroom. 

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The furniture that you have in your room will start to set the style of the room.  Investing in a custom furniture collection albuquerque nm will allow you to design something from the ground up that no one else will have.  When it comes to furniture you want something that is strong, fits well into the space and sends off a nice vibe.


Once you have your wall colors and your furniture the next component is your lighting.  A bedroom shouldn’t be extremely bright or excessively dark.  You need to find a middle ground that fits well in your space.  With lighting you have a lot of options from lamps, overhead lighting and even natural light. 

When working on your lighting choices take your time and play around.  There will also be opportunities to change up your lighting on a regular basis.  Since you will be using your room a lot, you can have lighting to read, to sleep or do other activities.

Designing the perfect bedroom will take time.  However, if you focus on the basics everything else will eventually fall into place.